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Mamehon-Gachapon Tokyo Vol.43

Mamehon-Gachapon Tokyo Vol.43

Featured “Something like a tree”. Only Books Tokyodo.

Books Tokyodo→2019/10/15 – 2020/1/27

Art works and Artists

"ひょんの木" by 五十嵐彪太"ひょんの木"
by 五十嵐彪太(瓢箪堂) Hyota Igarashi(Hyotando)

"なにを入れる? どこに入れる?" by 五十嵐彪太"なにを入れる? どこに入れる?"
by 五十嵐彪太(瓢箪堂) Hyota Igarashi(Hyotando)

"豆暦2020(緑系表紙シリーズ)" "柔らかな檻、秋の欺瞞" by 葉原あきよ"豆暦2020(緑系表紙シリーズ)" "柔らかな檻、秋の欺瞞"
by 葉原あきよ(オレンジ宇宙工場) Akiyo Habara(Orange Cosmos Factory)

"ある朝" "茜色の豆本" "こむぎさんの略語講座" by 蓮月堂"ある朝" "茜色の豆本" "こむぎさんの略語講座"
by 蓮月堂 Rengetsudo



Miniature books are handmade by the artists. They are the limited editions. We usually update current information here, but sometimes it may be sold out even if there is no notice. When it is sold out, please wait one week to six months to be created new ones.
We want many customers enjoy the Mamehon-Gachapon, so that sometimes the stores set the limit depending on the situations. For example, you can buy until 3 capsules at one time. The capsules come out randomly by the machine. It means that you can’t choose the books by yourselves. The machines accept only 100 yen coins. Please prepare the coins by yourselves.
We hope you enjoy our Mamehon-Gachapon very much.